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The Girl Behind the Lens

Most days you can find me in yoga pants, my hair in a top-knot, and working on the couch while chasing our two kiddos around! In between all the craziness, I love to Pinterest all things home décor and indulge in my sweet tooth, while planning our next dream vacation or browsing Amazon.

I am a wife to my hubby, Jason, and I love the life we are building together. He is my partner in crime and I am his co-captain when out on the boat! I am a light & moody photographer, a lover of the beach life, a crafter, an organizer, an educator, and a mommy to two sweet kiddos.


I love all things boho/coastal/modern farmhouse (is that even a style?!), cooking and eating with the hubby, and having date nights! We love making charcuterie boards, eating food and herbs from our tiny garden, and sharing drinks with friends! We only have one life, so we believe in making it count, keeping it real, and showing off our terrible dance moves!

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